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Executive and Leadership Coaching Framework

For Coaches

Executive and Leadership Coaching is the fastest growing and the most profitable niche in the industry.

Using the FuturaCOACH® Framework, coaches can provide a consistent, structured and process based implementation of coaching projects

When a Corporation hires a coach to help to enhance the development of their executives, they are looking for a Solid Framework that will permit to evaluate and document the outcomes and benefits their excecutives are getting from the coaching project.

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Marketing Platform

Our proprietary Marketing Platform will help you to create and maintain an ongoing marketing and communication program with your prospects, existing clients, and your community.

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For Companies

When you hire a FuturaCOACH® that uses our proprietary Executive and Leadership Coaching Framework, you obtain the following benefits

  1. Clearly Defined and Planned Coaching Projects
  2. Structured Process
  3. Documented Reports of each Session
  4. Clearly Defined Project Outcomes
  5. Project Evaluation


We have a growing list of recommended resources to help our coaches succeed.

Instead of providing links that produce commissions for us, we negotiate special prices and discounts for our members

  1. Training
  2. Learning Programs
  3. Books and eBooks
  4. Conferences
  5. Networking
  6. Shared Memberships
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